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Okay, I'm to 52 thousand words but I had a problem in that the hero's sister got bossy and started demanding her own story. So I let her run amok and about 2500 of those words will be transplanted into her story. Maybe even more than that because as I look at my word count cap, which is 65 thousand, I am going to have to cut down on my subplot. So one plot thread can actually be transferred to the sister's story.

I had no intention of writing the sister as a heroine of a book until she came to life on the page and took over. Then my mind went ablaze with her plot. I tried, really, really tried to only pay attention to her brother and his current story....but she wouldn't leave me alone. That strong and persistant of a character deserves her own story. She made a special place in my heart and now I can't wait to get the PJ series finished so I can do her story. She's an avid caver and I can actually launch another series off her caver and rappelling friends.

Now, if they'll all just LEAVE ME ALONE for a couple more days so I can finish Chance's story.

I haven't heard back yet on whether they're gonna buy book two, but I did get to add more input to the cover ideas of book one.

I'm SO excited about it and let me tell you a neat story!

The cover I envisioned for A Soldier's Promise had to do with a soldier hugging a little boy. I was getting ready to email my editor with that idea, as well as picture images similar to what I was envisioning when they asked me for ideas and an email poppedup from her. I hadn't told her the idea yet. I read the email from her and guess what it said? The art department were leaning towards a cover with a soldier hugging a little boy!

How cool is that!

So I hope that's what I end up with.

The folks on the books vision team thought up the title A Soldier's Promise and I am SO pleased with it!

I am freaking out because some of the writers I've known for years, who were unpublished with me, but contracted before me...their books are starting to hit the shelves!!!!

Another person who was unpubbed when I first joined ACFW and I just saw her book in Lifeway today!

She has several out now and I whoop and holler every time I see her name on the spine!

and there are SEVERAL, SEVERAL more in the works!

It is SO totally awesome and amazing to begin to see their names on the covers!

I cannot wait to see more and more of my writer friends' names adorning covers of books they've labored over, literally for years and years some of them. Pouring their heart and tears and time into these stories and to be able to see tangibly a dream coming true that God put in a person's heart.

That's how it's gonna be when I hold my own book in my hands. I'll probably freak and be removed from the store the first time I see my book on a shelf at Wal-mart. OHMIGOSH!!!!!!


It's ACTUALLY going to happen! I'm really, really, really not dreaming!

OH what am I saying! Yes I am going to dream...because I know the giver of them and am believing in faith that He has many, many more books in store for me.

I can't wait to connect with my readers. I think that's the one thing I'm looking forward to more than anything. For even one letter from someone saying the book touched them in some way.

Check out these covers of my friends' novels!

And by all means....go pick up these books! Petticoat Ranch is out NOW and so is Abby's book.

You can get them anywhere books are sold.



Shauna said...

Both of these books look AWESOME! And 10 1/2 months and counting....LOL!


christa said...

Once again, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and your "brain at work" as you plow through your writing.

Looking forward to placing my order for your book!

ScrollSquirrel said...

Awww! Shucks! Did you know Squirrels can blush?

THANKS GUYS! At least I know there are 2 people out there in the world who're gonna buy my book...


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