Wednesday, February 14, 2007



I haven't posted one of these in a long time but my face is STILL heated with this one.

My husband recently set up a new email account and wanted me to send him an email to check it.

Well, silly me, I sent him one....

Only it was fairly racy if you know what I mean.

I called and asked him if he got it.


SO in a panic I go back to my "Sent" folder......not only had I NOT used his name in the opening, I EMAILED IT TO MY KIDS' CHRISTIAN SCHOOL OFFICE!!!!

Can my mortification get any worse than that?


Squirrel-at it again.


christa said...

Oh, my. Seems just like something I'd do! Maybe you could convince them that someone "squirreled" into your email!

Mirtika said...

I always worry I'm going to do something like that in email. Get the wrong email with the wrong message, and it will be the absolutely WORST recipient.

I've seen this happen with a pal of mine. She wrote a letter griping about her sister--very critical, called her a few choice things--and she mailed it to, yes, her sister.

That took a good long bit of patching up.


Abby Gaines said...

That's hilarious! Blame it on Valentine's Day fever...

Patricia W. said...

Cringing with you (and cracking up)!

Rel said...

Hi Cheryl - enjoyed reading your blog! Had a laugh at your story. I did a very similar thing but sent my "romantic" email to my best friend's husband - eek!!!! He is also a very good friend but let's just say I felt vey awkward the next time we met - hehehe!

Danica/Dream said...


Oh, I love you!

And hey, since I still have a minute on the official day, so I'm not late (HA!)

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Birthday AND Valentine's Day! Hope you had a great (and very romantic) day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry I missed it.

I can honestly say I've never done this with email, but, like Mir, I'm paranoid that I will. I'm forever checking and doublechecking my "To" line to make sure it's the right people. I think I'd have to have hubby go pick the kids up for a while. :-)

Michelle's Writing Space

Rel said...

Thanks for your note on my blog :) Happy writing.....

Shauna said...


Oh, thank you so much! After the day I've had, I really needed a good laugh! At least I'm not the only one these things happen to! You also remind me of my cousin who has made cat-food casserole (don't ask), burnt herself with a hair-removal kit and driven a mile in reverse because she couldn't find 'drive' on the quad!!

Mindy Obenhaus said...

ROFLOL! Isn't it funny how things have a way of coming back to bite us in the butt? I have no doubt that God has a sense of humor.