Monday, February 19, 2007


At least to me.....HEEHEE

Remember in one of my last PLOTSTORMS for book three how I mentioned I hate the story?

Well today in working revisions my editors requested for book 2, I ended up cutting a scene which focused too heavily on a secondary character (who just happens to be the hero of book 3) because it detracted focus away from the hero and heroine. (I always do that by the way. Go on minor character tangeants. Gotta be more mindful of that.) However....I realized one of the chapter opening hooks COULD actually start out book three and be a stronger beginning chapter than what it is now.

I think that's why I'm not yet happy with book three because the opening isn't what I'm used to writing. It starts out too calm, too lacsidaisical (Sp). I prefer to start with a major disaster, or turning point, crossroads, point of decision or chaos in the character's life. If I use the scene I cut to open book three, the book will start out better I think. So I killed the proverbial two birds with one stone today....not only did I get some major revising accomplished, I now no longer hate book three. LOL!



Shauna said...

I agree that the opening to a book is crucial. If that first little bit grabs me, I have a hard time putting it down.

One of the best openers I've read in a while is Laura Jensen Walker's book "Reconstructing Natalie." The first few sentences are, "I'm obsessed with breasts. Not in the lesbian sense. I'm a card-carrying, heterosexual with a serious crush on Johnny Depp."

When I first read those lines I burst out laughing! How can you NOT want to read a book that starts off like that?! LOL!

I'm looking forward to your PJ series. I'll pay extra attention to the opening scenes of your books(s).


Cathy West said...

Well I'm glad the agony of cutting was worth it! I'm not there yet. I'm not sure what it must be like to get revisions back from an editor, but me being the stubborn twit I am, I probably won't like it very much...LOL. But of course, if I ever am in that position, I will be extremely grateful and I will gladly revise whatever they tell me to...I hope!!
Keep at it!