Monday, February 19, 2007


Okay, or call it a blonde moment or whatever but I was cutting tons from my ms for revisions and the word count kept RISING instead of falling. ROFL! Finally figured out it was because I had Track Changes on and the word count thing was reading ALL of it...even the parts I'd cut out. I thought I had to cut like 7000 words because my word count had swooned up to nearly 70000....

So when I accepted all the track changes in a copied word count dropped to 61000! ROFL!

I was freaking out because I was like WHERE are these words coming from!!!!!??? I kept cutting ENTIRE scenes...even half a chapter...and the word count STILL went up. LOLOL! I was starting to freak out a little bit there.


Those of you following my PLOTSTORM THREAD....please stay tuned. I had to change gears from writing book three (our plotstorm book) when I sold book 2. Since book two will release in March of 2008 (YIPEE!!!) things will move faster as far as things I have to turn in to my editors. So I promise we'll get back to the PLOTSTORM by April.


It's important to me to personally respond to every comment, but sometimes I can't track your email addresses. So if you've left a comment and haven't heard from me...don't be shy, leave your email address so I can comment back. Just be sure to leave spaces before and after the @ sign or something so internet spiders can't scoop up your addy and spam you.

If you've taken time to come to my blog, I'd like to take the time to personally thank you.

You all are important to me and I appreciate you. If you're lurking, come out and play with us! :-)



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christa said...

Is it still a blonde moment for me if the color comes out of my hairdresser's tube????

Reassuring to read that someone else can get computer-challenged. LOL with ya, sister!