Sunday, December 17, 2006


Well, my nerves are up in arms again because my agent and I subbed the second book in my USAF PJ series (Wind Warriors) to my editor yesterday. EEEEEK! Biting my fingernails over here.

This was my option book. (In Harlequin contracts, they like a first time author to give them first dibs on the next book you write.) I really hope they like it and want to buy it. My faithful Robin, who does my pre-submission edits likes this book better than the first, and believe me, if Robin thought it sucked, she'd be the first to let me know. LOLO!

I'm hoping the editorial team at Steeple Hill will love it too. I didn't send it to Caminator for a structural edit because she's under deadline for her second Asian Chick Lit book with Zondervan but normally I wouldn't sub a book without these two girl's hawk eyes going over it, as well as my other faithful critters.

These women are a contant source of encouragement to me, and I'm praying SO hard they sell soon. Pammer writes Inspirational romantic suspense, Syn writes chick lit-women's fiction with a hint of romance, and Michelle writes historicals and women's fiction. I think I will be as excited for them as I was for me as soon as I hear they've sold.

Leigh Bale, also a new author with Steeple Hill and I traded critiques on my second book too. I critted her upcoming suspense submission, and I LOVE THAT BOOK! I'll let you know when it sells, because I'm sure it will. She's a phenominal writer.

Robin just sold to Steeple Hill Suspense and I'm so excited for the three of us!!!! Our books will come out pretty close together. Tiff Miller, my webdesigner just this week sold to Barbour! YEEEE TIFF!!!

Speaking of my agent, she sent me the most beautiful congratulatory basket, to celebrate my first book contract. I put a picture of it up there.


christa said...

Praying for you, sister! Sent my synopsis off to Camy. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your continued support and rah-rah!
In His name--Christa

Jumpin Joel said...

Testing. One. Two.


Michelle said...

You are just the sweetest person!!!