Friday, December 15, 2006


My children often come up to me with bright eyes and grinning faces and say, "Close your eyes and open your mouth, Mom! We have a surprise for you!"

So I do as told because they usually set a cheese and peanut butter cracker or a candy kiss, or something really yummy in my mouth. Often I do this little game with them, too, where I'm the one putting the treat in their mouth.

Sometimes the game turns silly.

For example, as I sit awaiting my "treat" with closed eyes and open mouth, I'll often pop my eyes open when I sense them getting near with my treat and say, "Wait, you're not getting ready to feed me a bug, are ya?"

Boisterous giggles follow. This goes on and on as their hands get close to my mouth, until finally I let them stick whatever they have in my open mouth. Of course I bide by the rules and keep my eyes shut.

Especially today, when my toddler tells me, "Close your eyes and open your mouth, Mama! Gotta special treat for ya!"

I proceed to do as asked, and lo and behold I feel something really gross and prickly touch my tongue. My eyes fly open, my hand flies up to my mouth where I've spat.....

something that I think must have been a cricket.


The joys of motherhood....and I wouldn't trade these moments for anything.

The cricket on the other hand...I'd definitely trade for a cracker.


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