Monday, December 11, 2006


With Christmas drawing near, nostalgia sets in, at least for me. A dear friend (waving to Debby) invited me to attend an annual Christmas party for the hospital I worked at for many years.

Hope you enjoy your holiday season, and remember the little baby whose birth offered the free gifts of hope, peace, and salvation to all who believe in Him.

Have a blessed Holiday season!

My favorite Christmas memory is when my aunt and cousins came to visit from out of state unexpectedly. I'll never, ever forget opening the door and seeing them on the landing. That memory is etched forever in my heart and mind, and echoes of our precious (and uncexpected) time together still make me smile to this day.

I'd love to know what your favorite Christmas memory is. I will draw names of all who post a comment, then one person will receive an ornament from me.


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Syndi Hawkins said...

My favorite Christmas memory is from when my nephew was 15 months old. He took a nap at my mom's house on Christmas Day. While he slept, we brought out all the presents from the family and put them under the tree. Once he woke up, he ran down the hall and stood looking at all the presents. His mouth was a little O as he took it all in. Then he ran to the tree and dove into the middle of all those presents. It was so cute and reminded me to approach life with the wonder of a child.