Saturday, May 21, 2005


...for May is officially over. Winner will be announced by 5/25/05. June's prompt will also be posted at that time. Thanks for taking time to enter! I'd dearly love for one of the scenes fashioned from one of these prompts to be turned into a full length piece.
I used to love to shop. That was B.C. (Before children.) Here's a scene from our last shopping excursion.

In the grocery store, I have the baby in the front of the cart and the two toddlers in the back. . .now let's see. . .am I forgetting anybody. . .no, we're good. Anyway, I'm pushing the kart full speed ahead, maneuvering expertly around stragglers, memorizing my shopping list perfectly proud of my expert multitasking, thinking THIS TIME the shopping trip won't cause me to need counseling like the last few have.

At the exact moment my 4 yo opened a LARGE bag of pinto beans, my 3yo preoceeds to hold a glass jar of olives over the side of the kart. . .and. . .


Drops it.

So now I'm trying to skid to a stop, but the forward momentum doesn't let me stop in time to prevent running over the large, green defenseless olives. So now, we have several large olive hit & run's in progress, hundreds of hard, brown beans klinking through the little square holes in the bottom of the kart and coming to rest in a pool of green olive juice. I'm not sure if it was the sound of a thousand beans bouncing off the floor tiles, the nerve-jolting shatter of broken glass, or the horrible smell of escaped olive juice, but every customer in the store ventured over to...


I snatched my kids out of the kart and headed for the doors with the "clean up in aisle number. . ." hitting me in the back.

Your love, Lord, means more than life to me. Psalms 63:3


Father, when our day is hectic and things fall apart, help us look to You for strength and comfort. Most of all, help us to be able to laugh at ourselves. Thank You for the gift of humor, and incongruient-with-the-circumstances-joy that only comes from You.



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