Monday, May 09, 2005


Someday Heaven

By Cheryl Wyatt 5/9/05

Death-merciless thief
stole life
left grief
of a mother's womb
became a baby's grave
Left in its wake
empty arms
they ache
To hold
what will never be
Until Someday--Heaven
Eyes strain to see
through tears meant to be
Joyous as you emerge
But it was not meant to be
This life is a blink
compared to Eternity
Do you hear it?
Hope breathes
For when Jesus hung from that cross of pain
Death dangled
lifeless from a skipknot rope
Its vicious neck broken
Its gloating power not strong enough
to hold King Jesus in its clutches
He rose
Hope breathed
Life surged
Death screamed in agony
of defeat
by the power of His resurrection
We believe
what will be
has already happened
though we cannot see
it will manifest
Life won
If you believe
you will see--


Heather Diane Tipton said...

Aww hun, that was beautiful. Can I just say I wish we lived closer, cuz I would dearly love to just give you a hug right now. Love you hun and praying for you.

Margaret Daley said...

Heather, I'm with you. I wish I could give Squirl a hug. The poem was beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Love, Margaret

Pammer said...

(((Squirly))) I love you. And don't you think it is neat how God gave us writers a release valve for our emotions in our writing. Although I must say that poem is awesome. My advice. . .give your baby a name, one that just your family uses to refer to him/her. :0) Write a eulogy too. That is what we did and it helped immensely. Praying for you too.

M said...
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M said...

Your poem is wonderful! I agree with Pammer about naming and writing a eulogy. Very important advice. I've been involved in setting up and facilitating infant loss groups through our local Pregnancy Center. Grief is hard work but it sounds like you're doing a great job!