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Okay....just so you Blush and Cringe moments? I come by them is a pasted e-mail from a family member...who I proudly claim to be named after...who experienced a Blush and Cringe of her own...
What's a Blush and Cringe you ask? One of those embarrassing life-happenstances that you can't help share because it's too funny not to....
Introducing.....Cheryl Rose and Superglue
My favorite Christmas tree theme has everything to do with my kids and tradition.   Each year on Christmas eve, the kids and grandkids open only one gift... and they know it's going to be a new personalized and dated ornament for the tree.   My tree is literally full of 25+ years of these ornaments, and each year's treasure is a representation of something that occurred in the individual lives of each of the kids or our family from that year.   Last year I gifted Cari with all of her ornaments as she had her first home and first Christmas tree... but the tree is still full of Dani's, Travis', Taylors' & Sully's ornaments.   I spent about 6 hours Sunday lovingly unwrapping each one and placing them on the tree in places where I knew each child could find theirs.

Yesterday, when I stopped home for lunch, my beautifully decorated tree was lying flat in the middle of the living room, and pieces of various ornaments were scattered across the living room and dining room floors!   :(   After significant tears, I reminded myself that they were just "things" and not worth the grief I was giving the whole scene.   Still... my heart was broken.  

Well... here comes the comedy.  

So I didn't try to upright the tree myself because I knew it would be too much for me alone.   So I waited until Dee & I both returned home last night (somewhere about 9p).   We got the tree back upright in the stand, and spent about 30 minutes trying to dry the carpet from the gallon of water I had poured into the stand the night before.   Dee took all of the broken ornaments to the kitchen table to begin the superglue process, and I began the task of finding the loose lightbulbs so that the lights would work again and putting ornaments back on the tree.

I ran across a saddle ornament of Dee's, and a pair of cowboy boots that were previously strung by tiny rope (twine) to the bottom of the saddle.   I took them to the superglue workshop, and saw that Dee was working on a butterfly of mine (that looked hopeless).   So, I thought I'd help him out and re-affix the boots to the saddle.   Having a hard time tying the rope, I decided a drop of superglue would be perfect on the knot.  

Picture this... I'm holding the boots & Dee's holding the butterfly (a little ironic, don't ya think?), both of us waiting for the glue to dry and chit-chatting about the "bad day" we had both had... when, suddenly, I realized that the glue had been wicked up the rope, and my thumb, forefinger and tiny rope were all superglued together.  

At the same time, Dee was complaining that the glue on the butterfly wasn't sticking the wing to the body as he had hoped... oh wait!   That's because the wing was superglued to his thumb!  

It's now 11p, and we both have extraneous, ornamental appendages and cannot find a way to get them loose.   No video cameras please!   Somehow, after some WD-40, and a healthy yank, Dee and the butterfly wing went their separate ways.   However, I'm convinced that the A-OK position of my thumb and forefinger, with a piece of rope twine inbetween, are permanently glued together unless I literally rip the skin to pull them apart.   For those of you who are saying, "why didn't she use fingernail polish remover?"   She did.   She also used WD-40, turpentine, and finally, with some gentle persuasion from a butter knife and some lighter fluid, my one rounded finger became two again.   There was still the matter of separating the twine rope from my thumb... suffice it to say that while my thumbprint may be missing some of it's unique impressions, it no longer includes artificial threads.   There may be some third-degree chemical burns to deal with...

but my Christmas tree is standing tall!   :)

Cheryl Rose (pictured above with her husband Dee)

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