Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Memories, Mammaries, and a Merry Blush and Cringe

Ye know....
The Spellchecker is wonderful.....
MOST of the time.
Thing is, it will not pick up on wrong word usage like is does misspelled words.
Which is fine...except when the misspelled word is spelled correctly as a word you didn't intend, and Spellchecker changes it to the wrong word....and I mean the WAY wrong word. I know, I know..spellchecker can't change anything without a human plinking a button. Or so we think.
I was proofreading my proposal today and THANKFULLY caught this:
Nolan stepped toward her on the bridge. Mammories assaulted him.
Hmm...THAT jumped out at me for sure. LOL!
I KNOW I typed in "Memories"......
Or so I thought.

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Shauna said...


Oh, I think Steeple Hill may have had something to say about that one. LOL!

Kaye Dacus said...

LOL!!!! Yes, those are the mistakes we're always so happy to catch before our stuff goes out the door . . . but it is fun to imagine being a fly on the wall if that had actually hit an editor's desk! :-)

Anonymous said...

Now that is classic. : )

(Um, if I were you, I'd keep Nolan off that bridge.)