Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Featured on Margaret Daley's Blog TODAY!

I am a guest on Margaret Daley's blog this week.

Either cut and paste that link to your browser, or click the Title Header of this blog post to be taken to Margaret's blog.

She is having a drawing for the book this week for my first book--Love Inspired, A Soldier's Promise. Email her at margaretdaley @ (close spaces) if you want
to be entered. Her interview with me will go up today. Scroll back to read my bio, blurb and review if you so wish. I hope you will race right over and leave comments on Margaret's blog...which is WONDERFUL by the way.

She LOVES you will soon see.

While you're sure and ask her about "Flo."


Also.....her novel, Heart of the Family, Love Inspired, Dec. 2007 is a Top Pick! in Romantic Times!!!

You may still be able to purchase her book Buried Secrets, Love Inspired Suspense, Oct. 2007

and Family for Keeps/Sadie's Hero, LI Classic, Aug. 2007

Her website is full of helpful hints for aspiring writers as well.

Hope you will drop by the interview and leave a comment for Margaret or Flo. Grin.


Cheryl Wyatt (aka Squirrel)


Pamela J said...

Everywhere I have read interviews about you and your book, I can see your heart for the Lord. I am so thankful you are writing and sharing that love through your books with others. I'll be watching for your name to come back with other titles as well.

Camy Tang said...

Hi Cheryl! I tagged you!

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