Sunday, December 09, 2007


I've been crazy busy filling out interviews for my blog tour. It's been a whirwind but SO fun.
Anyway, today, I (THANK YOU GOD!!) realized after I sent a particular set of answers back to one of my blog tour participats, (waving to Nike Chilemi) that I posted the WRONG link to an author I'd mentioned.
In the interview, I mentioned that my heroine (Amber) in A Soldier's Promise looks exactly like a fellow Steeple Hill author.
So I provided the link.....
Except it was WRONG. I gave dot com when the author's official site is her name plus dot NET.
Not only wrong, the original link was for a Maxim model. EEEK!
REALLY glad I caught that before it went out on Nike's blog. LOL!
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Shauna said...

LOL! A Maxim model? tee,hee,hee