Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I deeply apologize for the sporadic posting. I've been working on my next proposal and traveling a LOT. I have much to catch you up on...all exciting!  
Just returned from a writers' brainstorming retreat in the mountains of Franklin, North Carolina with fellow Steeple Hill authors Missy Tippens, Lynette Eason, and Zondervan author Camy Tang, as well as up and coming authors Pammer James who writes kick-bottom FBI suspense (Faith-Based-Intrigue), and Jennifer Hudson Taylor whose Carolina historicals will one day knock your socks off.
Until I get time to catch you up on blog posts, here are some links to pictures and posts about our brainstorm retreat from Lynette and Jennifer:

Cheryl Wyatt   Gal. 2:20   Pouring my vial of words over Him.

www.CherylWyatt.com  www.Scrollsquirrel.blogspot.com

A SOLDIER'S PROMISE~ Steeple Hill Love Inspired~ Jan. 2008
A SOLDIER'S FAMILY~ Steeple Hill Love Inspired~ Mar. 2008

www.Steeplehill.com  www.Loveinspiredauthors.com

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

What a wonderful time we had up in the colorful mountains. I wish I had gotten photos of some of the scenary. Hope your trip back went okay.