Monday, November 19, 2007


Yes. It's true. I have this severe (and I mean SEVERE in a neurotic way) aversion to cornbread. Here's why: when we were little and living in New Mexico, we had the nicest babysitter. BUT....she had one itty bitty ghastly penchant for making cornbread. She would put a big hunk of cornbread about the size of a small shoe into a HUMONGOUS green bowl....and pour syrup over it to the point that the syrup ended up being about three to four inches thick in the bowl.

Then she would pour milk, big dollops of butter and sprinkle sugar on top. Sometimes peanut butter.

And then (YICK!) make us eat it. Every. Last. Drop.

To this day, my sister and my brother (who is really my cousin but my parents had legal custody of him and he lived with us) cannot STAND to eat cornbread. Can't even stand to smell it. If any of us are in a kitchen and we get whiffs of the stuff...we'll flee.

My husband loves Jiffy cornbread. I'll cook anything for him, but I tell him..."with're on your own unless you want to see me urp." Even the smell makes me nauseous.

I had a discussion this morning with my cousin who moved from another state to near me recently. She also went to this baby sitter's growing up. We laughed because neither of us realized how traumatized we all were by this icky cornbread. She said she can't even stand to eat out of green bowls because of the whole ordeal. That made me realize why I can't stand to have green bowls in my house. I'd forgotten Nancy served the cornbread out of green bowls...always.

All of our siblings and cousins and even the baby sitter's own children...none of us can stand to eat cornbread to this day. LOL! I think maybe we all need to go to counseling......

(Nancy, if you're reading this....we love you....just not your cornbread.

Your goulash was out of this world though!!!!)

So, bloggers....what food did you eat growing up that you cannot stand now?

Talk is much too quiet around this treehouse......


Cheryl Wyatt


Kaye Dacus said...

I sort of have the same thing (babysitter included) with grape Kool-Aid--except I really did end up getting sick from it (I was four years old). Thirty-some years later, I cannot stand the smell or taste of anything with artificial grape flavoring. Real grapes and real grape juice are okay (or I'd really have been suffering during communion all these years!), but nothing grape "flavored."

Crime Fiction Lover said...

So, I guess we don't send you a Christmas basket filled with packets of gourmet cornbread mix. LOL

My DH hates cornbread, though I'm sure it doesn't come from being traumatized by a sweetheart of a babysitter. He just can't stand it. So, I never make it, but I will order what we in the wilds of Brooklyn call a "toasted corn" when we're out for breakfast in a diner. That is an absolutely huge corn muffin cut in half and toasted on the griddle. Yummy! DH looks away when I slather it with butter and stuff it into my mouth.

Mary Connealy said...

You know I'm always on the look out for you, Squirrly.

As for, I love cornbread. You know, I didn't get into the shape I'm in by being all that picky.