Thursday, November 15, 2007

One use for STEW PID SPAM today I'm deleting my Spam folder...and I'm rolling my eyes as usual because....uh....hello...I don't NEED a you-know-what enlargement patch...well..because I don't exactly have a you-know-what.
I'm deleting, deleting, deleting when I see a new one.....
"Unleash the man in you."
Interesting since I'm a girl.
Stupid spam.
Here's the upside to this cyber annoyance....if you're a writer you really can get some interesting character names off the fake names those spammerr-errrr.....I mean people use.......

Cheryl Wyatt   Gal. 2:20   Pouring my vial of words over Him.

A SOLDIER'S PROMISE~ Steeple Hill Love Inspired~ Jan. 2008
A SOLDIER'S FAMILY~ Steeple Hill Love Inspired~ Mar. 2008

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