Sunday, September 30, 2007


I took an early bird course at the recent American Christian Fiction Writers conference. Margie Lawson taught us ways to deepen character emotion and touched on her EDITs system.
During the course of the class, we worked on three chapters of our manuscripts and ALREADY I can see drastic improvement in my writing.
I HIGHLY recommend you get yourself to one of her workshops if she comes within six hours of you. I'm serious when I say she is an absolute genius when it comes to deepening emotion, AND she's a FUN teacher. Really neat lady.
She also has online courses, which I plan to take. For more information, visit her Web site:
There was so much information presented that I'm going to purchase her handouts. I know it will be well worth the money.
I can't wait to get them and apply what I've learned to my fiction.
Margie has no idea I'm posting this on my blog. This is not a paid advertisement. LOL! This is a writer who seeks to get better with each book, and who has a heart to help other writers get better with each book, and therefore raise the level of excellence in Christian fiction.
I feel very strongly that Margie's techniques will bump your writing to the next level. Check out her site today.
On my Web site I have had a link to the non-verbal dictionary. Margie touched on this, as well as using body language in our characters to communicate emotions. I was so affirmed to hear this because my fiction craft shelves hold three or four of the body language books she mentioned.
Also, her course helped me to see how much my 16 plus years practicing nursing really helped me to pick up on assessing people for sympathetic and parasympathetic response to stress, pain, etc. I have been incorporating that into my writing some, but I need to do it more.
If you want to bump your writing to the next level and learn techniques to deepen character emotion and how to apply fiction methods and rhetorical devices beyond the use of typical hyperbole, metaphors, analogies, DO take her online class, or go to one of her live workshops.
Cheryl Wyatt   Gal. 2:20   Pouring my vial of words over Him.

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Myra said...

I totally agree, Cheryl--Margie Lawson is awesome! I've taken all of her online courses and learned even more during her 1-day intensive class on character emotions at ACFW. BTW, Margie has agreed to join me on my blog over the next few months sharing great advice on keeping the romance alive and the lines of communication open. I hope you and your readers will pop over for a visit.