Saturday, September 08, 2007


Hey entrants!

This marks the LAST prompt for the year. Contest may resume in January of 2008.

As always, write a 500 word scene using one of three Scene/Story Starter Sentences. Use at least five of the ten Prompt Words. Email entries to me at Cheryl at CherylWyatt . com (close spaces before and after "@" and ".".

Scene/Story Starter Sentences:

"I told her it would happen."

Surely she's not going to . . .(

fill in the blank here, or leave it as is)

"That's the funniest thing I've ever seen."

Prompt Words:









fall (in any context...even the season)


Everyone who has entered my prompts (whether you've won or not) will be entered in the annual contest. The person with the most entries will win the 6 month subscription to any Steeple Hlll line of their choice through the Harlequin book club, paid for by me.

As an added bonus, I am also giving prizes to the second and third place winners.

ALSO, since this is the lasts prompt of the year, and your LAST chance to enter, I am giving a bonus prompt. If you use EVERY word (all 20) in the bonus prompt in your scene and use them all CORRECTLY and in their proper context , I will add one more "entry" to your tally. Yes, I'm gonna make you work for this one. :-) You may have to break out your grammar books. He he he.

Here are the 20 bonus prompt words:

1. past

2. passed

3. its

4. it's

5. altogether

6. all together (must use both)

7. reek

8. wreak

9. affect

10. effect

11. there

12. they're

13. their

14. rung

15. wrung

16. pail

17. pale

18. rapt

19. wrapped

20. rapped


Cheryl Wyatt   Gal. 2:20   Pouring my vial of words over Him.

A SOLDIER'S PROMISE~ Steeple Hill Love Inspired~ Jan. 2008
A SOLDIER'S FAMILY~ Steeple Hill Love Inspired~ Mar. 2008


Hope Chastain said...

Awesome challenge! WTG!

Hope Chastain said...

This one really was a challenge. I should have been asleep for about an hour, but I'm just finishing the contest instead.... *shakes her head* I'm telling you, Squirly, they're just addictive. Like sudoku, only worse! :-)

Lacy J. Williams said...

So who are the winners???????????