Thursday, September 27, 2007

Regarding the last Plotstorm

I've had many of you say the last edit list was overwhelming. Let me assure you that most of that stuff you will never have to worry about because not making some of those mistakes will come naturally to you as you develop your craft.

Don't get so caught up in self-editing that you halt the pulse of the story. Just write, write, write!

I write dirty (as in messy, not raunchy) the first time. I just get the words down without thinking of all the problems.

Admittedly, each rough draft I write ends up cleaner than the last, requiring less editing after the initial mess draft is complete.

So I urge you....just get it written....don't worry about getting it right, especially if you've never completed a manuscript, or only one or two.

Hope this helps.

Happy writing!


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donna fleisher said...

Hey lady!

Your list is awesome! Wow. It sorta does make one's head swim, but it's definitely all good.

Can't wait for your books to release. : )