Sunday, October 22, 2006

Surprise Party-Friends and Family attending

Two tables of people and we took up one entire room at Changing Seasons

Renee's SCRUMPTIOUS cake! It amazes me how someone can make a glop of icing turn into a sage rose. Incredible.

The CUTE tea cups and LOOK at the little dainty spoon!

Those of you who subscribe to my blog, I hope you don't hate me for all the influx of pics in your blog. LOL! It just occurred to me. Blogger wouldn't let me upload more than one pic at a time for some reason. Something about my cookies being disabled. Hmm. Disabled cookies? Don't know about that but I'll tell you, that CAKE was DE--E--E-LICOUS!



Robin Caroll said...

Yummy! :D Hope you enjoyed some for me.

Camy Tang said...

How awesome! That's so nice of everybody. You deserve it!

Pammer said...

I love that they did that for you! So awesome. I adore these pics. You soooo deserve it.


Pammer said...

I was reading below and you mentioned how you don't see yourself as others. Your humbleness is one of your sterling qualities that I love so much. If you ever need to know how others see you.....just shoot me an email. :D