Monday, October 09, 2006


Okay, there's a discussion going on at the Steeple Hill message boards about writers and readers who have book addictions. We're lamenting over there about how there are SOO many books and not enough shelf space.

So I'd like to know, when you run out of shelf space, what place or space do you create for you books? I'm thinking a hardback coffee table is in order here. LOL!

And here's the sad thing..I've loaned away/given away probably a thousand books in the past two years. Here are my keeper shelves which are creaking and groaning in protest because the shelves are three books deep...meaning the books you see in front? Um, yeah, there are one or two rows behind them. And I have sterilite containers of books like you see pictured below under my pool table.

Just for fun! Enjoy!



Danica/Dream said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I want my hubby to make my steps like yours!!

MommyCheryl said...

Could your hubby give lessons on living with a book lovin' woman?? Or maybe he could write a book! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures!! I understand the problem; I have it myself. My family jokes that I'll be this eccentric old woman, but instead of collecting cats, I'll be surrounded by my hundreds of books! LOL! My darling husband just smiles and builds another shelf!


Anonymous said...

I try to us available space I got. My husband is not as patient sometimnes. He wants me to sale mine. LOL. I told him no on my Love Inspired books. I have given to using plastic boxes from Bia-mart for storing books when I run out of space. LOL!!!