Friday, October 06, 2006


Okay blogger and bloggerettes,

Before I post another prompt for October's contest, let's go over Da Rulz so you guys don't have to scroooooll back.

Squirrel's Story Starter Rules:

--- Submit the scene on or before October 25th to my email address: Cheryl at (replace "at" with "@" and lose the spaces).
----The winner will receive their choice of one of five new Inspirational Fiction releases from Steeple Hill publishers.
----Write a 500 word scene using one of these three opening hooks:

1. "Get down from there immediately!"
2. "That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen."
3. "A little to the left."

----Incorporate five of the ten words into the story, and this month, I'm looking for active verbs...meaning try your best to use verbs that end in "ed" rather than using a "was" with an "ing"...for instance: He was running sounds passive. He ran sounds more punchy and active. Got it? Okay.

Here are your prompt words. Use as many as you like, but use at least five.


Winners will be notified by October 31st and prizes will be mailed the first week of November.

You retain ALL rights to your work. I will not post or print it anywhere, and in fact will delete entries once I've logged entrants names for that month and chosen a winner.

If you'd like to enter my contest, leave a comment letting me know. Don't forget to leave me your name and email address so I can contact you if your entry wins. At that point I would email and ask you for your mailing address. I do NOT share your personal information with ANYONE.

If you send three friends to stop by my blog, then you score a bonus point! Just make sure you tell them to say you sent them.

Remember: The person(s) who enter the most prompt contests in a twelve month period will receive a chance to win a paid-for by me six month subscription to the Steeple Hill line of their choice.

Happy Writing!



Musing said...

You're story contest sounds fun! Wish I had the time to give it a try.

The reason I'm commenting is to let you know you can share your contest on our blog competizione if you're interested (follow the link for info).

Also, congratulations on your book deal! As a published writer (articles, no books yet) I know what an achievement that is!

MommyCheryl said...

I'm definitely in, although these words aren't sparking a bit of creativity yet.

My hubby was completely frustrated with me yesterday because we are roadtripping right now and I made him pull over when I finally picked up a WIFI signal because 'I need just a minute to download Squirl's prompt.'

Silly man, he just didn't get it!


Danica/Dream said...

AHEM! Where are the pictures you promised?

Hope said...

I've had the words for the story starter since about the third day you posted them, and last night, inspiration hit. 591 words later, I realized a few things:
1. I had to stop right there, backtrack to a good spot, and check word length, make sure no past tense gerunds, etc.
2. This story would be a good short story.
3. This story would also make a good first chapter of a full-length romance.

All this after I was positive I would never get anything out of this starter! *g* Great set, Squirl! I didn't manage to use all ten "must include" words this time, but I think there are about seven!


MommyCheryl said...

Hope, I wish you could send me some creativity. These words are doing nothing for me.

Hope said...

Mommycheryl, pray, give it to the Lord, and sleep on it! With me it was one of the starter sentences that gave me the idea. After that, I just tried to fit the words in. Another key to creativity: relax! *smile* (Sometimes the hardest thing of all!)
And... Lord, please inspire Mommycheryl. Thank You. Amen!


MommyCheryl said...

Ah Hope, thanks. I think it worked. I was at work today, doing brainless stuff, so I mulled it over. I wrote out one idea from a story idea I've been toying with and another using an unwritten scene from my WIP.
Thanks for the prayer and motivation.