Thursday, May 25, 2006



WOOO WEEEE! I REALLY need to be doing some market research on other publishers and stop stalking the editors at Steeple Hill (Waving frantically to Melissa).

Robin Miller and I were discussing...well, okay, she was discussing, and I was pouting...about having to put this massive proposal together for Warner Faith Publisher since we're both finalists in our category of American Christian Fiction Writers 2006 Genesis Contest.

Anyway, the deadline is looming like a scary creature behind me, chasing me down to the wire. I really, really should have mailed it yesterday or today, but well, life happens.

Anyway, so I'm in this dillemma because the top 5 scoring Genesis manuscripts are going directly to Warner Faith's publishing board (Christian Division of Time Warner Books)for consideration. Man what an awesome opportunity. And yet my agent and I have stuff out there, one with Barbour and one with my beloved Steeple Hill.

Who I could be getting a rejection from any day now.

Or a contract. Well, revision request, then a contract if I manage to make it out of revision hell. Okay, actually, I'm certifiable, because I am really looking forward to working with my future fiction editor for revisions. I'd really love that editor to be Melissa. Sigh. I just really connected with her at the Romance Writer's of America conference in know...the one where I was running late because I got stranded in a faulty elevator at a fancy Hilton RIGHT BEFORE MY EDITOR APPOINTMENT with Nora Roberts and didn't know she and J.D. Robb was one in the same.

Anyway, I'll tell you what all this rambling babble is about. Mostly I'm putting off that stinking proposal because I REALLY WANT STEEPLE HILL TO CALL!!!! Okay. There. It's out. BUT, since the mail-off deadline is looming, and Steeple Hill just may not be the publisher God wants for me (WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!) then I need to get my caboose in gear and do some market research.

I was attempting to do a crash course today, so I could register for the ACFW conference and know which editors to sign up for appointment wise. Even though I have an open invitation from Jim Peterson of Barbour's Heartsong Presents to send him any and all things I have ever and will ever write, I haven't simply because I'd have to cut like 30 thousand words per novel. GACK. So I'm working on some Novellas to send to them because I'd really love to work with Jim and Tracie Peterson. They have such hearts for new writers, and I just love that.

I marked Tyndale off the list even though I have two requests from Lorie Popp that I never sent because we had stuff at Steeple Hill and I didn't want to push the No simsub line even though I'm agented, and the other reason is they have The Dee..and my stuff is similar to her Uncommon Heroes Series..and well...who in their right mind would compete with the wonderfully talented Dee? Not me that's for sure.

So I studied NavPress and nearly signed up for an appt with that editor (Jeff Gerke) when I realized he is also Jefferson of military action...the sort of thing I write. Dang. Mark that one off the list since I'm not going to want to be competing with an editor. Sigh. This was my near collision. Imagine what a blush and cringe that would be when I sat down to pitch my story...only to find out he writes close to the same stuff.

Darn. Why does the market have to be so saturated? OH LORD, create more shelf space for us! Thank you!

So I moved on to Bethany House but I think they take more historical romance than contemporary, but I really couldn't tell by the website.

I think it's a long shot but I signed up with Anne Goldsmith from WF simply because her guidelines were clear and seemed to match what I write.

Second choice was Westbow or Waterbrook and I am really not certain which one I ended up choosing for second choice because I finally shut my eyes and pushed a button then moved on.

Even if I'm too new of a writer to be targeting these bigger houses...I will have met the editors for future reference if I ever decide to write single title stuff rather than my beloved category stories.

Okay, I'm off to propose.....


If I don't come out in a few hours....someone please send a search party because I've obviously been swallowed up by a mean synopsis with sharp teeth and crooked sentences, or torn to shreds by a comparitive market analysis gone postal...don't're likely to blow a hole through your trachea on my behalf.

Yes, Cathy Hake, I'd rather have a root canal than write a syn..syn..shudder..s-s-s-s-synopsis.



Synner said...

God will send you to the right editor at the right time. I really believe that for you (well, and for me too...). He knows exactly where your books will shine for His glory and is probably giggling over your angst over choosing editor appointments. Because He already KNOWS how it's going to turn out. And He's probably anticipating your squeals (and your tears) when the Call comes. He delights in your and your stories. And He can't wait for you to get that Call. (and neither can we)

Pammer said...

ROFLOL! I love the way you have with words. I feel that you are very close, you have worked so hard, and God has a plan for you, your name is written on the palm of His everlasting hand. He loves you and gave you such talent. Praying His will and His timing.


Danica/Dream said...

Yeah, what synner said. You've got talent, my friend, and one day, your books will land at the right house.

Camy Tang said...

I really hope they call you soon. I think my nerves and my knees are as shot as yours.