Friday, May 19, 2006



Okay, this one's on my husband. He took the children to school this morning, and even took the two year old so I could sleep in. What a sweetie. BUT...he's not used to her being with him apparently, because he dropped one child off at her classroom then dropped the second one off....

And left the baby in the classroom with the teacher!!!!!!!!!!!

He'd sat her down unbenown to the teacher, and she'd wandered over by the toy stove behind a shelf. And since she's shorter than the shelf...the teacher didn't realize she was there!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep! Forgot all about her! ROFL!

Administration had to chase him down. They caught him nearing the exit to the parking lot saying, "Um, Mr. Wyatt...aren't you forgetting something?"

They said he blinked in confusion a few times, patted his pockets, then his eyes grew wide and he nearly died laughing. Gee whizzzz! I'm really, really glad he didn't leave her in a hot car or something. Dang! I wonder how long it would have taken him to realize what he'd done. He was in a hurry to get to work apparently, after giving me a relaxing morning...and a humor-filled evening when I went to pick the children up and found out.


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Mirtika said...

Sweetie, I spent the last week in hell, so I got no work done on my proposal. Starting TONIGHT...

Are you gonna do a full or partial proposal? Is your novel completed, or are you , like me, plotting like mad?

Mir--cough, hack, cough