Monday, May 08, 2006


I've been pressing in more. Gotten my passion for His words back, so I've been immersed in it more. Not just non-fiction devotionals and stuff, but the actual Bible. We had a womens day conference at church yesterday and it went awesome. God began giving me a heart for womens ministry several months ago, and it was that time that I realized they're probably the reason He's calling me to write.

I'm praying for my sister. She's sick and they can't find what's wrong with her. Please pray for her. Her name's Lisa.

I've been mentally plotting TGTN book. I'm SO excited about these characters and this story. But before I can dive into that, I have to get my Warner Faith Proposal together for teh Genesis contest in case I end up being one of the top five. OF course, if my dream publisher...Steeple Hill...would offer me a contract then they'd save me the trouble of going through the torture. LOLOL! I so suck at proposals.

I'm synopsis challenged. If you struggle with the link to the right that says, "Camy's story sensei." She's a great structural editor, and can do a fab job looking over your synopsis and stuff.

If you still need to get your manuscript in order, I suggest Robin Miller's Critique also at the side.

Tiff Miller at Eagle Designs took over my website when Misty refocused on her writing...go Misty!!! and I will have her link up shortly, but you can engine search it online. She's done celebrity websites and stuff. She's so nice and helpful and doesn't make fun of me because I don't know the difference between an ISP and a frisbee.

I'm struggling to find time to write. I'm overloaded with crit groups, and I know God's calling me into mentoring. Please say a prayer for me that I'll know where to borrow time from. God and my family comes absolutely first. I've already given up TV and IM. WAAAAAAAAAA! And I only check my email once a day. I went digest or no mail to most of my online writing groups.

I've had two pubbed authors offer to endorse my books! That was an answer to prayer.

I've had several friends get multibook contracts recently, and several other friends received rejections. That's so hard because they are ALL good writers. I think God's timing has a lot to do with it. I don't understand, I just wish there were more slots available. More openings. Rejection is hard, but something every writer goes through. Take my word for it, it's disheartening. But instead of looking at it like rejection, I try to have the mindset that it's redirection. Either this isn't the right house for me, or the right readership base, or my writing isn't there yet. EEEK I hope that's not the case. But even still, I don't think people should ever stop learning or improving.

Some friends and I started a book review blog. Check it out at

Lena Nelson Dooley and Vickie McDonough and I just mailed off the trilogy for consideration to Barbour Publisher's Heartsong Presents. That could take 18 months to a couple years to hear back so we basically send it and forget about it. A Colorado historical...the one that replaced the New Mexico one. GOOD news is, I can still use the New Mexico one, target it to the new historical line at Steeple Hill.

Ominous Code is still under consideration at Steeple Hill publishers.

Ambient Betrayal...well we retracted that one after two years of not hearing back since my writing's gotten stronger since then. Two years, standard wait for some publishers. Editors are very, very busy people. Some people follow up after like, three months of not hearing back. Not me. I don't say a word until at least 6 months. I feel to be considerate is just as important. Of course it's okay to follow up...just don't be psychotic about it...or I can pretty much guarantee you'll get a quick answer...and probably not the one you wanted. Editors aren't just looking for good stories...they want authors they can work with without pulling their hair, or poking their eyes out with the red pen.

Okay, hardly anyone uses red ominous pens anymore but you get the point.

I got to help a friend at church work on an article for our women's eletter. All three of our articles got rejected, but oh well. LOL! I just hate the time I spent away from my kids while working on that which irritated me at first, but I think it was harder on my friend because she'd never written anything for submission before. But the good thing that came out of it was I think it showed her she really can write. She's an avid journaler, and I think that's sometimes a sign of a writer. She has a strong voice and uses active verbs, creates excellent imagery with words, so I hope she doesn't give up.


Danica/Dream said...

Wow, lots of stuff...

ScrollSquirrel said...

LOL! Yeah, Dream...could you tell I was in R-A-M-B-L-E mode? LOLOL!


Pammer said...

Great to get that much news! Woohoo!


ScrollSquirrel said...

Thank you, Pammer for always commenting on my blog! I just want you to know how much it means to me. Just when I think no one in cyberland is listening to a chattering little you come with a refreshing comment. THANK YOU!