Saturday, May 13, 2006


I was asked to take part in a writing project at church. So I did, even though I was not at all passionate about that particular project. But I had a lot of fun working with someone who doesn't think she's a writer but I think she's a writer. Anyway, I helped her with hers....even though she really didn't need help because she has a better handle on it than she thinks. That part was fun, getting to know her. And I was humbled that they asked me to write something.

Then they didn't use it. LOLOLOL!

Talk about humbling. Sigh. But I love the idea of a women's eletter. If you've done this at your church, let me know what worked and what didn't. Now when I submit something I'm going to be totally paranoid.

I think I'll stick with fiction, thank you. LOLOLOL!

Okay I confess I was a little irritated for the first half of the day....not because I think my writing is that good but because it took a LOT of time and I hate wasted time. Especially when it's time away from my children. But maybe it wasn't wasted. God knows. But He's not tellin' me. LOL! I just have to be very strict with my writing time otherwise my girls have cyber rivalry and tell me they think I love the keyboard more than them.

So I'm praying for God to show me what to cut out so I can make a fool of myself if they ask me to submit something again. EEEEEK. LOLOLOL! But this time, I'm not spending 14 hours on it. LOLOLOL!

Sigh. Rejected by my own church. Hmmm. That happens quite often come to think of it. Just when I think I'm something, God topples the pedestal. LOLOL! Okay I'm making myself out out to be prideful but actually that's in jest. It rattled my comfort level just admitting to people at my church that I've been trying to learn how to write. And in fact, I didn't admit it at first, my husband blabbed it because he was proud of me. What a sweetie. He already has me on the NYT Bestseller list.

Maybe I'll live in bliss awhile longer and let him retain his delusion that I'm something. At least someone out there believes in me. Tee hee. Oh and of course my mom and dad are pretty proud of my accomplishments. And you know, they get most of the credit as well as God, since they all encouraged me to chase this silly dream.

Sometimes it's like blowing bubbles as a child. You blow them and it's wondrous to see the glistening orbs floating with irridescent rainbows all around you. Then you extend your hand to brush your finger along one....and....

Pop. What a let down! LOLOL!

Yep. Writing is like that sometimes. And by the way, I do love my home church, even if they did reject me. ROFL! Not that I'm holding a grudge or anything. 14 hours....GRRRRRRRRRR! WInk. Wink.


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Heather Diane Tipton said...

more than your dh and parents believe in you. a lot of people believe in you, Squirly. I being one of them.