Sunday, November 06, 2005


No, Steeple Hill did not call me yet to tell me they love my book and want to buy it. At the very least I'd be getting a revision request anyway. But some time this month or next, I should be getting word on the story my agent sent out. I'll let you know how it goes either way.

I'll bet you wonder if I'm going crazy in the mean time. Actually, I'm too busy to even worry about the possible rejections I'm facing. After I got my first rejection out of the way, I learned not to sit around staring at the phone. I also learned how paranoid the postmen get when you stalk them every day. Okay, so I'm exaggerating. We don't have a postman. Just a postmistress.

Besides, I don't stalk them every day. The Post Office is closed on Sunday. :-)

SO what does one do when they've sent a story off to an editor or agent?

I don't know what most people do, but here's what I do, which is also what I recommend you do:

PRAY alot.
Forget about the stuff you have out there and get to work on another WIP (Work In Progress)

Doing this serves several purposes in my opinion. It helps the wait not seem so long and agonizing. It gives you a back up in case your first (or whatever) story gets rejected. It helps you not bank your whole heart on the story you have on the editor's desk. Once you start the new story, you'll hopefully begin to fall in love with your new characters, focus your mind on your new plot to take your mind off the old one.


I'm writing for two and maybe three ezines.

ACFW's newsletter. I'm now a regular columnist. I do writing excercises monthly. I'm so ecited to have this opportunity to serve a wonderful group such as American Christian Fiction Writers.

A Greater Freedom -is a faith-based military media based website. I hope to be actively involved in this one because I believe 100% in what Sara Horn is doing with that. It's a great way to encourage our men and women who have served as well as who are serving in the military.

A Cup of Hope(Invigorating Inspiration) ezine

These are in addition to being a regular contributor to the Penned From the Heart Devotional book and Rubyzine for teen girls.

Here are the links.

I'm also still in a wonderful writing program called Christian Writer's Guild. Check this link out, too.

Check them out.

Oh, while your at it, check out my website, too. I'm getting rid of the music soon. I keep my computer muted so I didn't even realize my webmistress had even put tunes on there. LOL. I don't care for elevator music though and websites with music annoy me so the music is going bye-bye with my next update.

Have a great day!



Brenda Coulter said...

Like you, Squirl, I'm able to send a manuscript off and forget it. But to your list of reasons to get busy immediately on another project, I'd like to add: Often an editor will say, "This isn't what we're looking for, but I like your style. Do you have anything else?" You want to be able to answer yes to that question!

Pammer said...

Good advice!

And if anyone gets really bored and fidgety waiting...come to my house, I homeschool, work part time, write for a couple of ezine, and have three mss on the I am the zone director for the Central Region...I'm sure my son would love to give you some of his chores. The oldest one does his without reminding and without complaining...the youngest...well, it's a good thing I fell in love with him when he was little.

Will be praying for you Squirl.