Friday, November 11, 2005



By my standards anyway. My husband and I cut rated R movies out of our diet years ago, but we made an exception since I write military romance.

After the flick was over, we (and most of the audience) sat there going, "What. Was. The. Point?"

Obviously this was an anti-war movie. It had absolutely nothing to do with honor or victory or the incredible sacrifice and stellar performance of our military during Desert Storm and Desert Shield. It had everything to do with a producer's personal agenda in my opinion.

This disgusts me since I personally know soldiers who served. One was a male nurse named Mark. I saw what it took for him to leave his civilian career, and his family. I saw the health problems he dealt with upon returning.

And you know what? I think he'd do it again in a heartbeat for freedom.

If you want to waste eight bucks on a really sucky movie....don't bother. It's not worth spending 8 cents on. I can sum up the plot right here and save you some money and aggravation:

Two soldiers come home pouting because they didn't:
1. Get to know anyone during the war. (*Know* in the Biblical sense)
2. Didn't get to kill anyone.

Okay to be fair and unbiased in my reporting, there was one itty bitty five second part in the movie that was touching and I hate to tell you but it was when they held a fellow soldier down and actually branded him and he cried. I did like that part and felt it was poignant that the other guys accepted him despite the fact that they found out he was getting kicked out upon returning back because he'd been in trouble with the law before. It reminded me of the whole, "Love covers a multitude of sin," thing.

On a different note,

Here are some sites I recommend which I feel honor the men and women who serve:


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Michelle said...

Thanks for the heads up. Hubby spent four years in the Marine Corps and we were talking about going to see this movie. The last move we saw like this was "Born On The Fourth Of July" with Tom Cruise. I thought it would be good and you know, it had Tom Cruise in it (I was coming out of my "Top Gun" phase :-) ). He didn't like it. So, you saved me $40 (two tickets, popcorn and drinks).