Sunday, November 13, 2005



So I escaped the delete button, fearlessly fought the comma police, jumped over my keyboard with a single bound just to come back from the braindead state I was in and rant.

I'll make this writing related. Somehow.

Do you peel your curtains aside, look out your window and think that's all there is of the world?

Of course you don't. You know there's more to it than what you can see through that four by four piece of square glass. Or whatever size windows grace your home.

Do you see a tree from your window? A child playing across the street? A car driving by? Birds lining the power line in the top right corner? Acorns in the yard? (yum!)

What objects do you see?

Do you believe what you see is the complete, unbiased, undiluted, undistorted, whole and complete truth?

Okay, so that's a loaded question.

I'm tired and probably not coming across very coherent since it is the buttcrack of dawn here. My point? Just because you only see one tree and three acorns doesn't mean those are the only trees or acorns in the world. There are a million yards sorta like yours with houses with different views from their windows.

Think of the TV as a window. Think of the news as the small piece of the world that you can see.

I do not for the life of me understand why intelligent people believe everything they hear on the radio, or what they see on the TV news, or read online or in newspapers.

Here's the deal. I don't think there's such a thing as unbiased reporting. Even in polls. Most of those are biased. If you ask eight Democrats can't stand Fox news, and I'm venturing to guess most Republicans don't care for CNN. For the most part.

Just because something's in print doesn't mean it's completely true. Take for example reports of Bush's declining popularity. Okay, do the poll putter onners think the American people are just dense or what? Unless every single person in the United States took part in that poll, IT IS NOT ACCURATE. Did you participate in it? I didn't. No one asked me. How many people did they ask? Study polls to find out. Educate yourself as to how this poll reporting thing works. Someone could easily skew poll results then report it as the dog's honest tooth. For example: if you ask 100 Democrats their opinion of Bush, the results are probably not going to be in Bush's favor like it would tend to be if you asked 100 Republicans their opinion of Bush. See what I mean? I have no political agenda with this post other than getting a pent up rant out of my system regarding liberal media who continue to slam their leader, which borders on treason by the way.

We're in a war. We should support our troops instead of usurping our leader's authority in the eyes of the troops who are over there fighting so we can write, and speak, and report what we want. Freedom has a price. Please don't vomit words on those families of soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for you and for me. President Bush is not the enemy. Terrorism, and the evil who controls it is.

Okay, so it was a little political and a little biased. I'm done now. Hopefully it's out of my system until next Veteran's Day.

Pray, really Pray for our troops, not just read the bumper stickers and smile when you drive by.

Since I promised to make this writing-related, I urge you to write a one page article of news gibberish. Go ahead. Make something up and send it to your friends by email. Don't make it so outrageous that they won't believe you. Just say something that could possibly happen but really hasn't. It doesn't have to be something bad. Tell them you won a CD player off the radio or something and I'll bet they'll ask you, "What station?" or "What kinda CD player?"

Okay, stirring up your creativity, and a little bit of political dust while I'm at it. Since the focus of this site is mostly on my writing life, you probably won't have to hear this from me again, unless of course I starte a seperate blog for my political rants and you happen to trip over it. LOL! I don't hate the media as in the people. I just hate selfish ambition that defames the sacrifice and the valor and the courage and the faith that built this country. That's all. In fact, I'm a journalism student as we speak. How do you like them apples?

Squirrel---tired and feathered. Going to sleep since I WAS actually up ALL night editing manuscripts. Can you imagine what my word count would have been had I typed this much on my novel? LOL! Oy! My dear husband is taking care of the house stuff for me today. Sigh. Good man. Good night world. Watch your windows.


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