Sunday, June 26, 2005


Another story finaled in the TARA (formerly First Impressions) contest!!!

So here's the tally:

AMBIENT BETRAYAL: First Place Where the Magic Begins 2004
AMBIENT BETRAYAL: Touched by Love finalist 2005
CODE YELLOW: Finalist winning Second Place Heart of the Rockies 2005
COVENANT SEAL: Finalist in the TARA (formerly First Impressions) 2005

SEVEN STRANDS: Short story won Flash Competition-Steeple Hill Message Board 2004

It sure feels a heckuva lot better than coming in DEAD LAST, I'll tell you that much. By the way, if you've never entered a writing contest, you are only a number and not a name so don't worry if you come in last. No one will know it except for you, and possibly an extremely gentle and confidential contest coordinator (who would never, ever tell on you in a million, gazillion years.)


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