Monday, June 20, 2005



Specifically my blog if you're a stickler for typos. I promise, I really DO proofread these things before I hit "send" but I'm one of these people who doesn't proofread well by computer monitor. My advice if you're like me? Print your ms out. Most people tend to pick up more errors by paper than monitor. I recently viewed an author's blog (sorry, can't recall whose it may have even been an editor's blog) that stated, "Edit-free zone." I really like that.

I am in a writing course where you email your instructor assignments and they send them back critiqued. I was trying to multitask (another thing I don't do well by computer) and I had two different e-mail accounts open. One I was responding to a family member and the other was my instructor. Well, I also had three people IM'ing me, so those three windows were open as well, plus I had a word document open, critiquing for someone.

You can imagine how confused I got.

I was trying to wrap up the email to my family member-who was coming for a visit after just having back surgery and wondered if we had extra sleeping space. I typed in, "you can come stay at my house anytime, you can even sleep in my bed." Then MEANT to type, "Love, Cheryl" but hit send before I looked at the screen. When I looked back up at my monitor, I saw the unfinished email to my family member still staring at me from the screen and realized with a gasp of horror that I had tacked the last sentences (meant for my family member) onto my intructor's (who is a well-known editor in the writing industry) email. Frantic and hyperventillating, I pulled the "sent" message up, and nearly fainted with dread and embarrassment when I realized that not only did I write the wrong message in the wrong email, I must have hit the "r" as I hit the "e", ending my message (to the editor/instructor) "Here's assignment number 26. You can come stay at my house anytime, you can even sleep in my bed. Lover, Cheryl."

Yes. I immediately sent an explanatory email, apoligizing all over myself. He not only got a good chuckle out of it, he sent the message back proofread and edited. LOL!

I know. What a dork I am.

God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us. Romans 5:8 NIV
Dear Lord, thank you for sending us your spirit to teach, help and comfort us. Help us to know Him, know you. Help us to bless you as much as You bless us.
That's all for now.

Lover, Squirrel



Kay said...

I would have loved being a fly on the wall when he got that assignment!

Audra Elizabeth said...

Oh, Cheryl, this gave me a good laugh! :D