Monday, June 13, 2005



Pardon me if you're a telemarketer. I'm sure you have issues of rejection having heard, "put me on your no call-back list" hundreds of times. BUT.....I don't call YOU at home and I WISH you'd stop calling me at home.

It never fails. Every ten minutes, the phone rings. I hate it most when I have a family member who is ill, or I know any day some coordinator from some contest is calling finalists and I entered. When I see "Unavailable" or "Unknown" or "Private" on caller ID and he's home, I let my husband answer the phone.

Then I spend the next sixty seconds giggling as he torments the caller.

One time a long distance phone company called (for the THIRD time that day) asking us if we wanted to switch our long distance to them. My husband replies, "No thanks. We don't have a phone." The telemarketer says, "Oh, Okay. I'm sorry to bother you.....wait...if you don't have a phone, how are you talking to me?" Hubby answers, "Give me your name and home number and I'll call you back this evening and tell you." Telemarketer says, "I'm sorry, Sir. I cannot give out my name and number." Husband says, "Well you got mine, didn't you?" Telemarketer: "Click. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ."

That leads me into the BLUSH AND CRINGE
Groggy from napping, phone rings, I answer it without looking at caller ID. I hear a voice asking to speak with me. I automaticially assume the woman is a telemarketer. Now, my brain wakes up thirty minutes after my body, so at this point I sit up, but am not completely coherent. Wanting to go back to sleep and get the rest of my nap in before my kids get home, I interrupt her mid-sentence, saying, "I'm not interested. Please put me on your no-call back list." One second of silence and three muffled giggles later, she informs me she's a contest coordinator, calling to tell me one of my stories finalled in a contest.
"All of my prayers for you are full of praise to God." Phillipians 1:3 TLB
Speaking of the Living Bible, the man who translated it died this past week.
Lord, help us to trust you with everything. When things seem out of our control, help us remember you are always in control.
Begin and end chapters with a hook. (A sentence that will immediatelly draw the reader in, "hooking" them---making them want to read on...and on....and on....)
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