Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Not really, but since I have your attention, let's get started with all our bloggyness.

This entire month's blush and cringe will be didicated to my husband. Tee-hee, or at lest written at his expense. (Shhhh! Don't tell him!)
My husband runs sound for a lot of bands. When MXPX first started out, my husband had never ran sound for a punk or ska band. He was used to running sound for Pantera-like bands. Anyway, after the first song, (MXPX tuned low) my husband stops the show, walks up to the guitarist and asks him if he needs to borrow a new string. The guy stares at him as if he's from another galaxy, looks at his guitar and says, "uh, no." So my ever helpful husband says, "well, you need to re tune your guitar or get a new string then because that sounds horrible." Dh (Dear hubby) then goes about looking to see which sound cable was causing the "terrible screeching." That's when the guitarist informs him that's how their music is SUPPOSED to sound.

He covers the Heavens with clouds, sends down the showers, and makes the green grass grow... Psalm 147:8 TLB

God, thank you for providing for us. You are faithful. Help me know and believe it no matter how the circumstances look.

Fellow friends and previous coworkers Patty Hall and Tammy Stubblefield. I got an email from Tammy and saw Patty at church and it reminded me of something both of them said to me right after I got married. Before I got married, I wasn't all keen on the idea of having children. BOTH of them spoke into my life, telling me what a joy motherhood is and what a wonderful mother I would be. Years later, as I look into the cherubic faces of my beautiful children, I remember those words and can hardly contain the tears, thinking how they've enriched my life. So thanks Patty and Tammy, for booting my caboose, and for being wonderful, Godly examples of how a mother should love their children. I aspire to be like you. Thanks for influincing that aspect of my life. I bet you didn't even realize the power your words of encouragement would have. You may not even remember speaking those words, but I remember for it was a pivotal moment in the span of my life with each of you. God used you to turn my heart towards the desire to be a wife and mom-something I wouldn't trade for anything.

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