Saturday, April 30, 2005


Okay. Everyone knows that children mimick what they see. So tell me. WHY would I think my children would be immune to this? *Cough* Confession time here. I, sort of, well, sometimessmackmyhusbandonthebuttwhenhepassesbymeinaroom. There. I said it. AAAAAND... sometimes I happen to do that when my children are present in said room. Ahem. Yes. I know. BAAAAAD Mommy. So anyway, tonight we're coming out or church and my four year old runs after our pastor, catches up with him and...


Smacks him right on the caboose.

If there was ever a time when I wished the asphalt would open up and swallow me, that would be it. (Sondor', if you ever read this--you have no idea how embarrassed I was.)

So. Moral of the story? When you pat your honey's patootie...make sure the children are not gawking.

The Bible says "and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make (or set) you free.
The cool thing about this is...truth is a person.
Jesus is The Truth. He called Himself The Truth, The Way, The Life.
Pretty cool double meaning, huh?
VERSES for your viewing pleasure:
Jn 8:32
Jn 14:6
I Ti 2:4
Jn 16:13
Borrowed Prayers
Dear God, help us to cling to your Truth. . . in every sense of the word.



Camy Tang said...

Squirly, you totally crack me up.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

good post hun

A Heart of Worship said...

Still laughing out loud!!! Funny!

Angie Poole said...

Awwww, Squirl, lighten up.

Could've been worse...

Could've happened during goose season.