Monday, December 01, 2008

December 2008 Prompt

December Prompt Contest

• Write a 500 word scene using all ten Prompt Words.
• Begin each scene using one of three Scene Starter Sentences.
• Mail your scenes in the body of an e-mail to Cheryl @ CherylWyatt . com (close spaces before and after “@” and “.”) If the e-mail bounces back to you, please let me know in the comment of this post.
• Put “December Prompt Contest” in the subject line.
• Entry deadline is the last day of the month.
• Winners will be notified the first week of the next month.
• Winners will receive a free Steeple Hill book, mailed the month winners are notified.
• All monthly entrants (not just winners) will be entered into the annual contest for one of several chances to win a six month subscription to any Steeple Hill line of their choice.
• Entries will not be posted or published anywhere and entrants retain all rights to their work.
• New prompts will be posted on the first of the month.
• Most of all, have fun!

December Prompt Words
1. Tree
2. Woods
3. Cut
4. Axe
5. Trailer
6. Help
7. Mistletoe
8. Site
9. Sight
10. Sparkle

December Scene Starter Sentences:
“What a nice way to end the year.”
“What a terrible way to end the year.”
“What a strange way to end the year.”

Happy writing!

Cheryl Wyatt


Anonymous said...

OH great. I love doing these prompts. It's very challenging and great fun.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Glad you like 'em and find them helpful. They're fun for me to write.


Avily Jerome said...

I've never done one of these before- looking forward to it!

Thanks for the contest!

vince said...

Hello Cheryl:

Do the prompt words count if they only appear in the title? And does the title count in the 500 words? When you have only 500 words, every word means a lot.



Cheryl Wyatt said...

Hi Avily (love your name!),

My pleasure. Glad you're gonna try out the prompt. Have fun!


Cheryl Wyatt said...

Hey Vince,

Sure, you can use the words in the title. And no, the title doesn't count toward the 500 words.

Happy writing!


Lori said...

Looking forward to trying my hand at this. Thanks Cheryl.