Saturday, August 11, 2007


Dh (Dear Husband) owns his own business but he has a form of dyslexia that makes him a terrible, terrible speller. He had several thousand new business cards made and only after he'd mailed and/or handed about half them out, did I realize he'd made a critical spelling error.

My husband is a professional stripper.

A line stripper to be exact. (whatever that is)
In public parking lots. Gives special discounts if churches let him strip in their lots. Call for free estimates....WHAT?

He hates me right now because I'm laughing so hard and typing al;ke thissssst to you. He's batting at my hands, trying to keefp me from twyping sebdubnding it but i can't help it it's too funnytyy.

Okay okay, he stalked off to bed shaking his head, mumbling something about revenge.....

He runs an asphalt maintenance company. The business cards were supposed to say "Parking Lot Line Striping and Asphalt Maintenance." He put two 'P's" in "Striping."

The cards also say stripping is free if you buy a parking lot overlay. I won't ponder that further.

Squirl-The proud wife of a Professional Parking Lot Stripper. He he he he he.

Cheryl Wyatt   Gal. 2:20   Pouring my vial of words over Him.

A SOLDIER'S PROMISE~ Steeple Hill Love Inspired~ Jan. 2008
A SOLDIER'S FAMILY~ Steeple Hill Love Inspired~ Mar. 2008


Patricia W. said...

I'm sorry but I laughed just reading about that one. I'd be really nice tomorrow if I were you but hey, we have to laugh at ourselves sometimes, right?

ScrollSquirrel said...

He he he. And, well, if I can't laugh at loving hubby does it for me. So I thought I'd return the favor for once. LOL! Never a dull moment in our home.

Thanks for leaving a comment, Patricia!


Shauna said...

ROTFLOL! That is so *gasp* funny!!

LOLOLOL! *wiping tears*

Perhaps you should handle all business calls...incase he gets propositioned for a bachelorette party! LOL!

"Special church discounts" ROTFLOLOL! *sigh*