Tuesday, August 14, 2007

BLUSH AND CRINGE...The REAL story behind my Amazon discovery


I was too embarrassed to post this yesterday and day before, but I'm over it now other than residual chuckling at my own ignorance.

Here's the REAL story behind my Amazon search which led to the discovery of my book being there.

I had an author email me recently to thank me for the "nice review I put of her book on Amazon." She said it was the nicest thing she'd ever heard about her writing. Since I haven't done a review in quite some time, and I couldn't recall what exactly I said about her book, I decided to look up my review. Generally to do that, at least in years past, I've just typed my name into the Amazon browser and my reviews pop up.

Okay, so I did that...and I'm looking at what I think is the review page. Now, you have to understand that 99% of the time publishers will change your title. They do this because they're marketing whizzes and well, I'm not. SO...though I sold the story and they changed the title, and I love the new title, I still (in my mind) think of the story by the old title..which was Ominous Code.

The browser opened up a new window and I looked at the screen that says, "A Soldier's Promise by Cheryl Wyatt." For a split second, my mind went, Huh. That's odd. Then my mouth went, "I don't remember reviewing a book named A Soldier's Pro--OH! OH! OH my goodness! That's MY book! THAT'S MY BOOK!" and I'm standing from my keyboard and shrieking through the house that my book is on Amazon.

My kids hardly blinked. Oh well. Not only are they not that impressed, they don't have any idea what Amazon is. LOL!

So I ran outside scouting for ANYONE or anything in their yard. Nothing. Except the neighbor's dog. He got an earfull about my book being on Amazon. Also totally unimpressed. LOL! Although he did give me a strange look, tucked his tail, dropped his ears down flat against his head and walked slowly away...eyeing me with brute force the entire time. As though he needed to figure out if he was gonna have to take me down and out to escape my yard safely.

But no matter. I was so excited I couldn't help myself.


I promise to try and contain myself when I see my book in Wal-mart.

Now that I'm off my wheelchair, walker (not rocker! LOL)and cane...my neighbors will hopefully get used to seeing me blare down the street in my sneakers whooping about this or that. I had received a friend's book (Camy Tang) from Zondervan and I did the same thing. Hugged it to my chest and ran through the streets telling everyone I saw and showing them Camy's book. I think the entire neighborhood will pick up her book, and hopefully preorder mine. LOL!

So, yeah, I'm admitting my mind didn't recognize at first that what my eyes were seeing was the book I authored, not a book I reviewed. LOL! But I recognize it now and hey, I just have to shout it one last time....





Pattie said...

Oh that is a cute story! I have to say, I jumped up & down and yelled and cried and called all my friends & family when we found out my DH is going to be published in a devo Bible!

ScrollSquirrel said...

LOL! Pattie, that makes me feel better. At least I'm not the only one taken hostage by elation. LOL! Thanks for sharing...and thanks so much for supporting my blog with your readership.

Pattie has a wonderful blog. Click on her name to get there. You'll enjoy it.



Hope Chastain said...

I'm sure when my book &/or children's book sell, you'll hear me jumping up and down and shouting all the way where you are!!! You're entitled to be giddy! This is "Available from Major Book Outlets" we're talking about here!!! YES!!!