Sunday, August 19, 2007


Hey all...back from the sound gig...which was AWESOME! More on that later this week or next.

But I have to share something really embarrassing that happened. We're in the hotel room one morning. My kids are brushing their teeth with the water running. I tell them this at home but I guess they needed a reminder at the hotel to turn the water off while they're actually brushing. They asked me to remind them why and I said, "Because it conserves water. You can waste gallons of water if you leave it running while you brush. Just turn it on to wet your toothbrush, then again when you get ready to rinse."

So they ask, "What does conserve mean?"

I said, "That means to save water, meaning not use so much. It also saves money because using water costs money."

Sometime later, we're in the vehicle which has 7 passengers, including two of my husband's friends who do sound gigs with him, and my 15 yo niece.

One of my children asks out loud: "Mom, are you and daddy conserving water when you take showers together? Because I'm pretty sure you do."


With muffled snickers around me...except for my teenage niece WHO IS HOWLING with laughter....I manage to gulp a few times and say, "Um...yes, sort of. Yes." I mean what can you say in this situation? I was NOT going to have THAT conversation with a seven year old in front of our friends. LOL!

Still red,



Pammer said...

Awww, I LOVE your kids. They are so cute and honest. :D (I see God blessed you with one who speaks her mind, snicker.)

Oh, by the way...


You've been tagged to do the Middle Name Meme.

You can read mine here if you'd like

Hope Chastain said...

Mom says you can use that in a book sometime! ;-)

Shauna said...

ROTFLOL! Oh, that's sooo funny!

We were in church about a month ago and during the kids time the pastor was talking about how bad words can sometimes hurt people. Then he asks this question. "Do you ever say bad words?"

Without missing a beat my five yo shouted out, "I don't, but my mom does!"

The whole, and I do mean WHOLE, church burst out laughing.

Embarrassing. Not embarrassing in that way, but still made me turn red.