Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Squirrel's Story Starters!!!

Here's the prompt for this month. Submit the story to my email address:


The winner will receive their choice of one of five new Inspirational Fiction releases from Steeple Hill publishers.

Note: This site is in no way related to Harlequin, or Eharlequin. This is just an aspiring author promoting fellow writers and their work.

Write a 500 word scene using one of these three opening hooks:

1. "You'll never guess who I just saw at the cop shop."

2. "This is not your car."

3. "Excuse me?"

Incorporate five of the ten words into the story, and use NO "ly" adverbs.


You will have until Sept. 15th to email me your story. Winners will be notified by Sept. 20th and prizes will be mailed by the end of September. You retain ALL rights to your work. I will not post or print it anywhere, and in fact will delete entries once I've logged entrants names for that month and chosen a winner.

If you'd like to enter my contest, leave a comment letting me know.

If you send three friends to stop by my blog, then you score a bonus point!

Happy Writing!



Judy Grivas said...

I'm going to try and enter this contest( have 2 September deadlines for short stories)... It sounds like a great idea!
Judy Grivas (ACFW)

Michelle said...

OOOHHH! I love these. Unfortunately, I REALLY need to be busy critting and writing. Maybe I can get busy and get them done so I'll have time for the contest before the deadline. These are so much fun. I don't know how you come up with these idea starters, but they're great!!!!

Michelle's Writing Space

Lara Spiker said...

I am going to enter if all goes well. I'm moving September 8 and I am judging a contest due Sept 15. But I love the hooks and a challenge :)


Sigrun said...

May a non-writer also enter? I mean, sure I write, but I'm always a dud at creative writing--have been all my life. Being around all you author types, I keep wondering if I can put something together.

I have an editing deadline but the manuscript hasn't arrived yet. I'm going to my sister's for a few days today. Maybe I can come up with something. I think I'll get lots of critique on the story-writing aspect. But this does sound like fun and a great way to give writing a try.

Pammer said...

I love that new picture in your profile.

So glad you are back amongst us.

Hope said...

I did it, I did it.... (Now I just have to make myself have enough courage to send it to you!)

MommyCheryl said...

What a cool idea. I defintely have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

Patricia W. said...

Sounds great. Sometimes it helps to have a quick hitter as a break when working on larger projects.

I'll try to enter.

gentlegreeneyedlady said...

I'm really intrigued by your contest. Sent my story to your email. It was fun! Thanks melody

ScrollSquirrel said...

Okay Ladies...or any gents who entered. This month's contest is officially ended. Winner will be notified soon. Thank each of you for entering!

Love, Squirrel

ScrollSquirrel said...

Sigrun, I thought I answered earlier but I guess my browser gobbled my post. Yes, anyone can enter. Writers, non-writers and anyone in between that spectrum. I'll be posting another prompt as soon as I can once I return from the conference.

Now, I'm about to go email the winner. This was a tough one to judge because all of the entries were SO good.

God's best to you all,