Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Where you show up at school naked....or are in a portapotty and someone lifts it up, leaving you uh...rather exposed as you sit there?

Well pretend like you know what I'm talking about.

I had one of those moments today. I went to the post office to get something in the mail before it closed. In my rush, I didn't realize I'd took off in my houseslippers!!!!!

Okay, these aren't the nice flat/shoelike slippers that are so stylish today, resembling Indian sandals with the sequins and beading. No. My slippers were a Christmas gift a couple years ago from someone who knows and has my sense of morbid humor. They're BIG and PUFFY and made to look like leapard print thongs with BIG PUFFY TOES that are like four times larger than normal toes...so it makes your feel look like you had an anvil dropped on them or something.

SO anyway...I didn't notice I had them on until I'm halfway in the postoffice. I don't think most people would have even noticed except that I started giggling and couldn't stop. I think the town cop thought I was needing a breathilizer and was concerned for me driving the two blocks home. So when the postmistress asked me what was making me laugh so hard (I was incapacitated by this point..tears and everything at my goof) so I showed her my shoes and she laughed SO shrill and high pitched...EVERYONE in the post office came around me to view my slippers.

The funniest part was I have NO idea how I got all the way there without realizing I had them on!

Sigh. Yeah...so this has been a week for BLUSH and CRINGING!

Here's a picture of my slippers.



Kath said...

That is absolutely hilarious! I knew when I came to visit you in your treehouse I'd laugh. I knew I'd find some humor here. Do you remember me from conference, Squirrel? Kathy - you were my mentor. I miss ya!

I have been working on a novel but probably not enough. I write freelance (magazines) as well and it seems that always consumes me, simply because I can see real checks that make real deposits in my bank account!

I'll try get by here more often. I'm blogging regularly for Dot Com Women Ezine website (www.dotcomwomen.com) and I am doing the Positive Parenting blog. I also have my own blog "Joyful Jots" though I'm not so faithful at jotting like I want to be.

What are you working on right now?

Big big hug, Kath

Synner said...

Too funny. And such cute slippers too!

Julie said...

LOL! I went to the bank one time, and realized as I stepped out of my car that I was barefoot. I decided to drive a little farther to the branch that had a drive-thru. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Cheryl!

Myra said...

This is tooooo funny, Squirl!! I can just picture you giggling like crazy!

Robin Caroll said...

Okay, girl...I LOVE the slippers! LOL Would have loved to have been able to hear what everyone thought when they saw them! LOL

Danica/Dream said...

Squirly, you know, that's pretty funny... however, I think it could start a fun trend.

Pammer said...

ROFLOL!!! I am so glad I wasn't with you, or you know we would have sounded like a couple of hyenas and you know I wouldn't have noticed them either. Hehheh Well, now I don't feel so bad about wearing the one black pump and the one navy blue, teehee.

I hope you weren't wearing shorts, were you? LOL!

ScrollSquirrel said...

YES Pammer! Shorts with my paste white legs that with bushy knees because I missed that part when shaving. Sigh. Okay now that I've grossed my blog readers out....

Kath! Of course I remember you!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting guys!


Margaret Daley said...

Love the slippers and nail polish!!!