Thursday, April 20, 2006


Okay, what am I talking about you wonder? Or maybe not. Three grand friends and I do a book review blog at

I was looking over the stat counter, in particular, the keyword search....meaning what people typed in the address bar that got them to our site.

Pantyhose. LOLOL!

So I thought maybe if I typed "Pantyhose" in the header of my blog....I'd get more visitors.


I read some awsome blogs....

Heather Tipton
Angie Poole
Mary G
Gina Holmes
Camy Tang
Margaret Daley

Just to name a few....and I'm amazed at how many visitors they get.

So tell me...and be honest....what would you like to see in my blog?

Did you like the BLush and Cringe that I have been slacking on?

What about the writing prompts with book giveaways? Huh? Bring that back, yes or no?

I deleted all my posts about my media mission trip to another country...well because I got some threating mail from that....MEAN PEOPLE...GO AWAY!!!

Anyway...I'm trying to draw NICE people....

Readers....Writers....Christians....Non-Christians.....Editors....Agents....nevermind...I already have an agent and she's WONDERFUL.....

Check out her books too!!!

She's an excellent author as well so she understands both side of the coin. I could name a hundred blogs that I'd love to be able to read but because of time constraints we have to be picky....

SO...tell me what makes a blog be in the top of your blog fav's? Like...I mean the top three or five?

All comments welcome! You're not gonna hurt my feelings....



Julie said...

I love the Blush and Cringe! The comments on that last one were a blast.

I also love to get good writing tips, and funny stories. Anything that makes me laugh.

Don't you admire those people who can somehow keep a blog interesting for years on end? I wish I knew how they did it!

Mirtika said...

I liked the interviews and contest-related stuff. :)

What would I like to see? More of the "how I'm writing day-to-day on my novels" thing. I always love to peek into the realities of day-to-day writing for writers. Holly Lisle does that on her writing diary. Cool.

CONGRATS. Are ya gonna win it again this year, babes? :)


Camy Tang said...

I love the Blush and Cringe. Don't stop!

I think the point is to ask YOURSELF--what do you want to write on? What do you want to theme your blog on?

My blog is to give people a taste of my writing voice--as weird and crass as it is at times--and to provide entertainment. A "loft," a place to put your feet up and stay a while to read.

So what do you want to do for your blog, Squirly? Who is your audience? Writers? Readers? What do you want to say? How do you want to say it?

It doesn't really matter what WE think, because you're the one writing. What do you want to do?

Call me. I'll give you advice on blogs.


Pammer said...

My fav three to read are Camy Tang's, Heather Tipton's, and yours? Why? Because you guys are my friends and I hit your blogs if I don't hit any others. I also read Mary G and Brandilyns.
Loved the blush and cringe.
Writer's prompts.
I need readers too, so I may do Pantyhose also. :D