Friday, October 07, 2005


This morning at a women's prayer group God did some really awesome stuff. Two gals prayed for me (waving to Val and Becky!), and I left that meeting more peaceful than I have been in a long time. I also went there knowing that Marcie had some words of encouragement for me. And boy did she. I'll share them in another blog entry. I also went instinctually knowing*** that if Obsitu came, she'd have wisdom from God for me. I waited. At the end, she encouraged me without me prompting her about a decision I'm facing regarding a trip to India to visit children that were orphaned by the tsunami. The strange thing is, when I was invited to go, none of the people knew that was a strong theme in my book. So I really think this is a God thing. I'm a mom. They're orphans. I'm going to love them. I think my books will be better for it, but at the same time, my life will be irrevokably changed by those children. Even though I write fiction, my books have a voice. One speaks for the children. One speaks for the soldiers. One speaks for the families who have to let them go serve to keep the rest of us safe. I beleive this trip will help validate my research, and strengthen the voice calling out to the hearts of people to reach out to these little ones.

Last night at church, Jamie's message was so awesome. One thing he said was, "Sometimes God stretches us."

And all I could think was, "Yeah. Sometimes alllllllll the way to India."

Thank you, Jesus for the opportunity to go love your precious children. I'm overwhelmed to the core of my being. It's going to take a miracle to get the paperwork pushed through in time. If you want me to go, you'll expedite it. I know you will. You know my deepest fears with this. Right now, in the face of the world, I lay them down at your feet. Now stomp all over the enemy's head. Destroy this fear in my midst. Do not let it triumph over me any longer. I love what you do, Lord. Breathe life into this love for these little ones in me and others. Breathe life into my characters, and into the voice in my story. The one that speaks your words to that reader in only a way you can, in such a special, tender, intimate way that reader knows you are real, and that you really care. That you know what's going on in their life. You see what no one else does. You hear what no one else does. You feel how deep that pain runs. You know how deep the longing goes. You know. Thank you for being that kind of God.
I love you.


*** That might sound up there like I hear God clearly and perfectly, and honestly, I struggle through it just like everyone else does at times. Just so you know, I'm still not perfect. LOL!***


Pammer said...

You may not be perfect, but you ARE perfect for some of us that love you.


Spooky Ol' Cheryl said...

Cheryl, this is Cheryl -- a cousin you hardly know. Just wanted to take a moment to let you know that family pride is not confined to your loving parents & grandmother, or to the friends who so openly support you & your efforts... as I read from your website & blog page, I find I am proud to be a member of your family, and I would love to know you better. You are a blessing to this huge family of ours. I shall pray for all you are doing to bring others closer to our Lord. I shall pray that your dream of reaching those little ones so traumatized by tragedy comes true, and that you travel safely and in His care. Please, somehow, keep me posted on your progress both in attempting to get there, and in actually working with the "orphans." I hope you won't mind that I plan to copy a little of your blog and post it on our family website so that others may be praying as well. Much love, Cheryl.