Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am thrilled to tell uyou about SO NOT HAPPENING by Jenny B. Jones. I had the great pleasure of meeting Jenny last year at ACFW and what a treat! She is as funny in person as she is in her writing.

Having a gaggle of nieces, I ABSOLUTELY loved SO NOT HAPPENING. I won a 250 dollar gift certificate to an online bookstore and I am spending every bit of it on Jenny B Jones books for the teen and preteen girls in my life. That is how much I believed in this book. It was witty and charming, fiendishly funny and deeply moving.

Jenny is on my auto-buy list. I now know what all of the teen girls in my life will be getting for birthdays and Christmas.

I have confidence that this fiction book will not only entertain the young adults in your life it will IMPACT, majorly impact them.

If you want a wholesome and hilariously funny but deeply touching (to the point of life-changing) book...DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!!

I'm serious. I have thanked God over and over and over that Jenny has devoted her funny self to writing. My girls will benefit from it as will my nieces and the teens we come in contact with for ministry.

SO NOT HAPPENING is a story about a New York socialite who has to move to Oklahoma. How many kids can relate to the thought of leaving the lives they know for something different? Though Jenny isn't a teen, she works with them as a High School teacher and she has a very strong pulse on the teens of today. I am so serious when I tell you this...if you have a tween, teen or young adult daughter or niece or if you are a youth worker in a church...get this book.

Click the header above to be taken to Amazon where you can purchase this book. It's part of Jenny's Charmed Life series. Don't miss it. I can't reiterate it enough.

Have a wonderful week!

Cheryl Wyatt

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Project Journal said...

Sounds pretty good Cheryl! I'll look for it at Borders.