Friday, September 26, 2008


Heads up!!! the Pikes Peak Romance Writers and Pam McCutcheon are going
to be in Seekerville with their Portable Plotting Board.

Here is the blurb to share on your loops and blogs.

Friday, September 26th we are thrilled to welcome

Pam McCutcheon, and the Pikes Peak Romance Writers

to Seekerville to discuss their Portable Plotting Board-- as seen in
the RWR.

Don't miss it and a chance to win your own Portable Plotting Board!

Check it out at

If you're a writer...this will be of interest to you because you can use the board at any stage of the plotting game. Before you write a word or after you've written The End.

If you're a reader...this will give you insight into how MUCH WORK some of your favorite authors actually put into a book so you can enjoy it. My favorite authors make it look so seamless and that amazes me.


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