Monday, September 15, 2008

Miscellaneous Mondays--Kewl Pararescue Stuff

As you may know, my Wings of Refuge Series, being released by Steeple Hill, features a team of U.S. Air Force Pararescue Jumpers...PJs for short.

Did you know that in addition to doing military-sanctioned rescues such as jumping behind enemy lines to rescue downed pilots, PJs also participate in humanitarian civilian rescues?

In fact, many PJs are converging on flooded coastal areas flooded by hurricane Ike to help rescue people.

Here are some articles you might enjoy:

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My prayers are with all hurricane victims. I'm thanking God today that things weren't as bad as expected.

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Cheryl Wyatt


Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know PJs jumped into the civilian rescues....that's interesting. I'm so thankful there are people who answer the call to be in the military.

God bless them all.

Patricia W. said...

I love books like yours, where I learn something that I might not otherwise. Couple that with them being good, fun reads, and you have a great series!

Congrats on having two more books picked up by Steeple Hill.

Wesfan said...

Awesome. I can't wait to read your new book!

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Thank you!