Wednesday, July 25, 2007


No, this is not some kind of rap song in the making. LOL! I seem to be the target of freakish type accidents. On the way to the Ignite festival in Chicago, a bunk bed in the semi crashed down on my head. I have spinal compression and a concussion....killer headache.

Oh, but the concert was fun after I spent the first entire day in bed. I think the most painful part of the entire thing was having to explain to my doctor how this happened to me. Eeek.

"What exactly happened to you?"

"A bunk bed fell on my head."

I get the same reaction from everyone..which consists of 4 seconds of blank stare while they process what I just said, then 3-4 confused blinks, then the facial skewing that clearly shows they wonder if they heard me right.

After this post, I'll post some pics of the show with captions.

The cool thing is the concert promoter says I can sign my books in the vendor booths once they (books) start releasing. There were 7000 people approx at the first that's way COOL!


Squirrel with a headache out of this world.

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Hope Chastain said...

Everybody over at Steeple Hill is praying for you to be better soon!