Monday, March 19, 2007


Okay, so I'm back from stalking Mickey Mouse just in time to explain my last post. LOL!
I cut and pasted it from a journal entry I wrote over 15 years ago....only I didn't realize part of it was missing and there were actually TWO journal posts in there instead of one.
But let me save face here and turn this around. As I read through what I sent...I resisted the urge to delete the embarrassing thing because I realized something.
That last post STRONGLY resembles my rough drafts. No kidding. That's sort of how the patches of scenes go down into the computer. If a person were to read through Chance's story (the one we've been plotstorming together) right this would seriously resemble that last Nurse Bible and the Dumb Waiter post. It wouldn't make a lick of sense. But in my first pass, I resist editing. I concentrate all my effort on getting it written instead of getting it right. Then on second...and third...and fourth pass to infinity..I somehow (hopefully) pull it all together into a cohesive story sequence that ends up making sense. LOL! I go in usually on first or second pass and put in transistions (sentences linking scenes if I haven't already) and fill in the places that are sparse and incomplete.
I do sometimes get scenes out of order, and I hate that, but there seems to be no help for it. If I don't write down the scenes as they appear in my mind I often mentally lose or forget them, so what you saw in that last post is strikingly close to how my rough drafts look.
So there you have it...a method to my madness.
Incidentally I started plotstorming the book after Chances on the way back from Florida on my Alphasmart. After I finish Chance's story and send it off to my editor, I will begin posting that plotstorm as well. It will be interesting for those of you who've followed the plotstorms, or who come back and read them later, once you've read the books. So hopefully they'll sell! :-)
I'm also going to try and figure out how to rearrange my blog to make it more user-friendly. I will try and lump all my plotstorms together, as well as my Blush and Cringes, etc. If anyone knows how to do that on all means explain it to me. LOL! I would like to give the reader the option of reading the posts progressively or reading them by subject. to answer three hundred more emails.. EEEK.
Thanks for supporting my blog with your readership!
Cheryl (Squirrel)

Cheryl Wyatt   Gal. 2:20   Pouring my vial of words over Him.

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Katie said...

Ha! I didn't even notice the mistake, although I do remember what about that dumbwaiter? I am so easily entertained.

Welcome home, hope you had a great trip! I found your blog just before you left and so every day I've been checking, "Is she home? Is she home? Ok, is she home now?" Do you know how many ACFW blog writers happened to be away on vacation the same week you were? Everybody but me!

Which is to say, I love your blog.

Robin Caroll said..., Cheryl! LOL This is one reason why I love ya like I honest and open!

Hope Chastain said...

300 e-mails??? And I thought WE had it bad!
Welcome home, Squirly!
Hope & Mom

Hope Chastain said...

PS... I was reading your post on the dumbwaiter to Mom aloud. When it sort of disappeared, I told her something had probably gone wrong. We would like to have the rest of the story, though! *grin*

Shauna said...

Cheryl, I just realized something. You need to change your profile from "actively pursuing publication" to something along the lines of, "soon to be published author of..." January 2008 is coming soon!

ScrollSquirrel said...

Thanks, ladies!

You know, I've tried to change the bugger (profile) like ten times...and it won't let me. LOL! Anyone who's more Bloggersavvy than I care to help? LOL!