Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Interview with LOST IN NASHVEGAS author, Rachel Hauck

Welcome to the Treehouse branch of author Rachel Hauck's 's blog tour.

Today we're going to be blessed with some insights from Rachel on writing as well as her newly released book, LOST IN NASHVEGAS by Westbow Press Publishers.

About the book:

Cheryl Wyatt: 1. What a totally awesome title. Who came up with it?

Rachel Hauck: I can take no credit for the title. WestBowdecided during one of their meetings. But I love it.

CW: 2. What gave you the idea for this book? Can you talk about what sparked it?

RH: My agent deserves credit for starting this book.She called me with an idea and ta-da, here it is.

CW: 3. What do you hope readers will take away from the book?

RH: I hope people feel encouraged to go for theirdreams. God loves dreamers.

CW: 4. What was your favorite scene to write? The most> challenging? The funnest?

RH: My favorite scene is when she finally decides tomove to Nashville. The funnest were the scenes withLee. The most challenging? Getting all the Music Rowlingo and details correct.

CW: 5. Did you know your plot or your characters first? Can you expound a bit?

RH: I have to know my characters. I also have to knowt he story points and where this character is going.They have to go hand in hand for me.

CW: 6. Ahh. Interesting. Will there be a sequel?

RH: There is not a sequel to Robin's story, but there is a second NashVegas book, Diva NashVegas that comesout in the spring. This is a story about a country superstar.

CW: 7. I'll be looking forward to Diva NashVegas as I'm sure many readers will too. Who was your favorite character to write in Lost in NashVegas and why?

RH: Robin was my favorite character. I suppose she's alittle like me... :)

About the Author:

CW: 1. Did this story or the writing of it change or challenge you in any way? If so, how so?

RH: This story challenged me to go deeper as a writer. And, I had more research to do that I have in the pastand a tight deadline. But it was fun and God enabled me to do it.

CW: 2. I love how you give Him the credit, and how you depend on Him as a writer as evidenced by this interview, and how great your writing is. What are you working on now?

RH: I'm working on a book set in South Carolina's lowcountry.

CW: 3. Oooh Cool! When can we look for another book from you? Next release date? What\'s that book about...can you> give us a teaser?

RH: Spring 2007 and Fall 2007. No teasers. Have to buythe book.

4. LOL! Well then, can you share what your most favorite reader letter has been?

RH: For Georgia On Her Mind, I had several emails frompeople who started out with, "I don\'t normally like to read, but..." I loved the idea that something I wrote encouraged someone to read.

CW: 5. That's awesome. Can you talk about the process of making a memorable character?

RH: Get inside the character's head and heart. Spend time with them. Let them become real people. Don'tlimit characters to your own understanding, habits or beliefs. Don't create characters to carry your"message" forward. Create people with good hearts as well as flaws.

CW: 6. I'm sure many writers will find that helpful. What about a plot? Do you do it?

RH: I'm not a plotter-outliner, but I do have to know where the story is going - the conflicts, the darkmoments. this inciting incident.

CW: 7. Wow. And a whole book comes from that springlboard. Very cool. What\'s a typical day like for the life of> Author Rachel Hauck starting from the moment you> wake up to the time your head hits the pillow?

RH: It varies. Some mornings I go to Spinning, thenprayer at church. Others, I work right away. But, I'mabout to change my schedule so I'm more focused andtime is used more wisely.

Rachel, thank you for your time and a really fun interview!!!

To my blog readers, I hope each of you will pick up a copy of Lost in Nashvegas. ISBN: 9781595541901

Thanks for having me, Cheryl!!


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Pammer said...

Great interview. Rachel, you inspire me.

Can't wait to read Lost in Nashvegas!

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I love Rachel! Great interview.

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Hey, I'm late stopping by Cheryl, but thanks so much for having me!