Monday, June 12, 2006



JUST KIDDING! HA HA HA. Okay, well it was funny to me. This image came from this website:
page 5 Image 91 (Photo by Pfc. Brandon Aird, 173rd Public Affairs)

Lots of cool photos there that you can peruse to see what our servicemen and women do while away. I use most of these pictures to remind myself to pray for them, their safety, their missions, and for their loved ones back home.

Revisions for OMINOUS CODE (which I've tentatively renamed TANDEM HEARTS or HOME ON HAVEN STREET for my working title) are coming along nicely. The story is going to be much more romance focused than action-adventure focused. So I don't get to have them chasing down computer hackers with very cool high powered machine guns...but that subplot was cheezy anyway. Maybe I will toss in a paintball game between Amber and Joel and Bradley. That would be cool I think, and fun. Plus it would get the shooting out of my system. LOL! Yeah! I think I will add that now that I think about it. Hey! Maybe that could be one of their dates.

Have any of you been shot at close range with one of those things? OUCH! I mean they HURT! Not as bad as when my sister shot me in the caboose with my Daisey Pellet gun when we were little and living in the desert of New Mexico. It's not like there are many trees to hide behind. It's wide open desert, and sorry, but cactus doesn't provide much cover when pellets and BB's hail.

Living in the Midwest provides more places to hide. Tons of trees. Our back fence looks white because of all the paintgun splotches my husband and daughters have shot there. What a fun way to paint though, huh? Although my neighbors may think I've gone over the edge if I stand out there shooting the porch rail hundreds of times.....

Okay, I'm off to write that scene....




Camy Tang said...

LOLOLOLOL I saw your post title and then the picture and just about died laughing.

You can do it, Squirly! Write! Write! Write!

Anonymous said...

No kidding! Too funny. Though, 'course I didn't believe it fer a second. ; )

Can't wait to read your stuff one of these days, lady! And you too, Camy-girl. More sooner than later, that's for sure!

love ya,
donna (fleisher)

Sara said...

Oh my gosh! I'm still laughing at this one! You crack me up!
Happy Writing!!

Danica/Dream said...

Okay, I posted on this before, but I think it was about the time my power went out, so it got lost.

Go Squirly Go!

(and hey, when you're in the mood to give me a read, I need your eyes and nursing expertise)

Margaret Daley said...

LOL. Great caption for the picture.


April said...

LOL! Glad the revisions are coming along well!

I haven't been hit by a paint gun pellet, but I've seen the results. Not pretty, that's for sure!