Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I have a BIG pet peeve about those little tiny rings from the milk cartons. If you don't pull them off then they sometimes fall in your cup...which grosses me out because I can't be sure eveyone who's fingers open the milk have washed their hands so now all the little germs that were on the ring are now floating around in the milk that I refuse to drink. So I poured the milk in the sink and the offending ring decides to take a suicide plunge down my garbage disposal...causing it to gargle louder as the tiny little ring is shred to bits and pieces. So anyway, I don't really have a point here except I needed a place to vent and rant about those little red, or blue, or pink depending on whether you use whole, 2% or skim milk. There's also 1%.

What are your pet peeves? C'mon...there has to be something. That way I don't look totally compulsive here.



Robin Caroll said...

Girl, I have more pet peeves than I care to admit to. Some of the blaring ones: telling me a story more than once--I have a great memory, I got it the first time, I don't need to hear it again....using uh, ah, like, well, etc when talking. Come on, people, spit it out. I haven't got all day.....using the word "fix" instead of "about", as in we're fixing to go--excuse me, how do you fix to go? That makes no sense at all! We're ABOUT to go, yes, but FIX to go? UGH

Okay, I'll shut up now. My pet peeves go on and on and on....can you tell I have a slew of them? LOL So now you don't have to feel bad for the milk ring! :)

Camy Tang said...

LOL! I will always remember your dirty milk rings peeve, now.

I am like Robin and have more peeves than I can count. I am just a nasty, unhappy person and you really shouldn't be around me at all.


Pammer said...

Ohhhh goody! A place to complian...legitimately. :D

I am so compulsive about some things people have called me...wells something not so nice.

I hate those milk things too and always take them off just so I don't have to waste any milk.

I think the thing I hate worse is packaging for food that rivals Fort Knox. I mean I bought the box of cookies, why can't I eat one? Because the glue is so strong and you have to pull so hard that you tempt the package to fling the contents on the floor, which, 5 second rule or not, is much worse than not having the cookies at all. (I don't do off the floor stuff. I may juggle for several seconds trying to catch it, but if it hits the floor? It's trashbin bait.)

Now you don't feel so bad, do you?


I'd like to add a disclaimer to Camy's response. She is not unpleasant at all.